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Alkaline Water

Tyent USA Water Ionizers give you the best water available today.

Alkaline Water has many ideal properties which offer amazing health benefits. We would like to share those benefits with you and your family.

Alkaline Water is a Powerful Antioxidant.


Research shows that antioxidants have the following health benefits:
Anti-aging properties
Detoxifying effects
Immune support
Free radical protection
Drink Alkaline Water for your Health!


Imagine having the ability to take normal tap water and give it a special charge that can neutralize free radicals and give you the benefits mentioned above. Alkaline ionized water, or Tyent Water™ has a negative charge called oxidation reduction potential (-ORP).
The ORP properties of alkaline water are known by many as simply “antioxidants”. To explain further, normal body functions cause high or rising oxidation in the body, which is not good. To fight against the oxidation, alkaline water’s negative ORP charge literally hinders the oxidation process by counteracting any rising oxidation effect. Ionized Water essentially rejuvenates us. A glass of alkaline water brings us as close as we can ever hope to get to a Fountain of Youth, as incredible as that may sound!

Here’s an example, fresh squeezed orange juice has a negative ORP of -250, and we can only drink a few glasses of fresh orange juice per day.

We can drink as much Ionized Water as we wish to in a day. Plus, unlike orange juice, ionized alkaline water has no calories. Many people drink as much as two gallons of Ionized Water per day for their health. So How much water does your body need?

Find out here

Ionized Water's Other Antioxidant property: Hydroxyl Ions
Ionized Water's Other Antioxidant property: Hydroxyl Ions

The other great quality of Ionized Water is hydroxyl ions. Hydroxyl ions are oxygen molecules with an extra electron attached to them. Hydroxyl ions scavenge for free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that can cause us damage. When a hydroxyl antioxidant and free radical cancel each other, the result is a body with more oxygen and therefore potentially more energy.

Oxygen is one of the most exhausted nutrients in our body because of our diet and the Earth's oxygen-depleted environment today. Oxygen carries away acid waste from body tissue. Oxygen is vital to human health, and is our most important nutrient. A tall glass of strong, ionized alkaline water first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day.

To get the full power benefits of ionized water, it must be consumed fresh and strong, right from your Tyent Water Ionizer.
Your ionized water will contain thousands of tiny bubbles when it pours out of the ionizer. Those bubbles are hydroxyl ions, which are the reason for the Negative ORP. ORP is the most fragile aspect of Ionized Water, lasting only a maximum of 18-24 hours, which is why it is important to consume ionized water when it is fresh out of the ionizer.
To get the full power benefits of ionized water, it must be consumed fresh and strong, right from your Tyent Water Ionizer.
Who Needs Alkaline Water?
Who Needs Alkaline Water?

Everyone should be drinking ionized alkaline water. Think about it, our diets are not perfect and over the years poor diet and stress will have an ill-effect on our wellbeing. As we age, the need for balancing pH levels in our body greatly increases. If you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms below then you may be suffering from serious dehydration and have a very acidic internal state:

  • Sluggishness
  • Forgetfulness
  • Aches and pains
  • Weight gain
  • Stiff muscles or joints
  • Acid reflux or indigestion
  • Heartburn
  • Slow recovery from exercise

If you are not experiencing any of the above ailments, then realize that it’s never too early to begin to practice prevention. Many celebrities and professional athletes drink the water for improved recovery time, more energy and improved nutrient absorption. We have discovered by the testimonials that we received that ionized alkaline water, or Tyent Water™, has changed the lives of many people. We received testimonials about alkaline water from customers as well as doctors, writers and athletes. Even Michael McKenry of the Pittsburgh Pirates drinks alkaline water and swears by it.

There are many reasons to ionize your water.

Why is Alkaline pH Better for You?div>
The human body tends to be acidic because our diet is comprised of cooked foods, pasteurized or otherwise processed foods. Acidity in the body is the root cause of many ailments, some chronic. Soft drinks are the most acidic substance a person can put into their body. This acidic condition is very unhealthy. Before alkaline water, the only way to combat acidity was to eat high alkaline foods like raw fruits and vegetables. Many find this type of diet to be difficult, if not impossible to achieve. Since our body is about 80% water, consuming alkaline water is a much simpler way to achieve an ideal pH balance in the body.
Why is Alkaline pH Better for You? Why is Alkaline pH Better for You?
Ionized Alkaline Water is up to six times more hydrating than conventional water.
Ionized Alkaline Water is up to six times more hydrating than conventional water.
Water makes up over 80% of our bodies and is essential for all living creatures. Ionized Water is fundamentally different from conventional water. That is, the size and shape of the water molecule cluster is reduced in size and changed to a hexagonal shape, which allows the water cluster to be absorbed quickly and easily. Lack of water can cause chronic cellular dehydration (or not providing the body with sufficient water), a condition which leaves the body's cells in a perpetual state of weakness and defense. Most people simply do not drink enough water (at least half our weight in ounces) to keep ourselves properly hydrated and therefore healthy.
Minerals that are ionized are more bio-available
The body can absorb ionized minerals much more efficiently and can therefor make use of them where they are needed throughout the body. Minerals are some of the most important nutrients the body needs, yet mineral deficiency is common. Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water is an efficient and effective way for the body to get its minerals. You will find that Tyent USA is the most popular and respected water ionizer brand in the industry. Check out our media page to see who is on board with us. Please contact us with any questions or to place your order. We are happy to help get you on your way to optimal health.
Minerals that are ionized are more bio-available

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